Herma Kitching Biography

Fine Artist

To say that I am a completely self taught artist might not be the correct description, it was more self-directed and independent studies.

Coming from a fairly small school in Pinetown, KZN (Natal in those days), we didn’t have an art teacher for senior learners, so I took art classes where ever I could, from Pinetown to Pretoria to Paarl. I even did a 6 month N5 Painting course at the Cape Town technical College in 1995.
It was, however, under my art teacher and mentor for 10 years (2003-2013), Nanna Vorster-Bakkes that I actually learnt the most. It is here that I saw what kind of magic the right highlight or a dash of color on the right spot can create… and how it can stir one’s soul.

In 2003, my husband encouraged and helped me to buy a small, intimate art gallery which gave me the opportunity to connect with artists, gallery owners, suppliers and most wonderful of all, art lovers (and yes, art buyers).

After 6 years in the gallery (too small to be a studio as well) the yearning to paint full time became too strong and with small children needing more attention, I moved from the gallery to my studio at my home close to Cape Town (South Africa)… and am still loving every minute of it!!

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