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Artist Statement

There’s a freedom in painting and a joy in the creating process that compares to little else in life. I don’t overthink my paintings, but am always inspired by what I see, feel and experience.

My subject matter is contemporary and diverse, with themes of emotional and atmospheric value.

Land- and seascapes are my first love.

The stillness of dawn, so full of promise and the settling down at dusk, so calming and peaceful are my favorite moments of the day…. But I do love a moody, drama-filled, stormy sky.

I work with a palette knife, paintbrush and spray bottle in hand; I smear, scratch out, blend, spray, wash off, blot, let the paint run.. exploring the acrylic and oil mediums and experimenting with styles and themes allows me to develop and progress as an artist.

My philosophy can be summed up by this quote:

“A painting is not good because it looks like something, but rather because it feels like something.”


Welcome to Herma Kitching Art. Enjoy a tour through the art work on my site!

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