Portraits & Figures

Portraits are perhaps my biggest challenge, but definitely my greatest pay off when done well! I once read this quote that ‘good paintings do not teach’ and it is indeed true in this case as I learn more about technique, observation and the visual language with each challenge!


It gives me such great satisfaction to capture the patina and distress of an aged, weathered object…I love how the work evolves with each brushstroke or smear of the palette knife.

Still Life

Painting is a creative outlet for me and I love to paint the beauty of flowers, a spontaneous still life or a deliberate composition, learning more about light, color and composition with each painting.

Land & Seascapes

My paintings and techniques vary as much as the many land and seascapes I have gazed upon – it all depends on my mood, the atmosphere and my inspiration. My aim is to capture the soothing or exuberance of a landscape, I want the viewer to experience the visual and emotional mood. At times it will be peaceful with soft, blended brushstrokes, other times it might be a dramatic palette knife work with lots of texture.


Being the daughter of the Most High God, I love to paint prophetically or anything I am prompted to paint by His Spirit. Paintings with a deeper meaning, however naive or intricate they might be.